Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Turtles

Happy, happy birthday to Ninja, Gisele, Bertha, and Splinter, our four turtles. We decided to celebrate with a party because babysitting group, or fun group as we call it, was coming over anyways.

The festivities began with the game musical turtle shells. The shells were decorated paper plates. Totally fun, Kalissa won that one. Next we played pin the tale on the turtle.

Grady was the winner! We all laughed and had fun watching everyone try there very best being blind folded.

And last we enjoyed turtle shells and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Okay, so they don't exactly look like shells but I do get points for trying!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Diamond Backs

St. Joe's Heart Unit was presented a check by the Diamond backs and we were able to go and the game.

Because it was Jersey related I decided we needed to sport matching shirts. So I whipped up these shirts that said "Team Jersey". They turned out really cute. Mine and Tatum's had a little bling on the T and J.

We were lucky enough to watch the game in the comfort of a suite. It was fancy and we certainly felt like VIPs!

Here we are, matching. One happy matching family.

On the back just below the collar I put her dates. I can't wait to find another occasion when we can wear them again!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Meet Tucker

Not Tucker the Human, Tucker the Lizard. Tucker caught his first lizard, well...his friend caught the lizard at our house so Tuck, being the sweet boy he is, confiscated it and announced it was HIS lizard. Thankfully, his friend really is sweet and didn't mind, he's a lizard catching pro and catching lizards is nothing new to him. This, however, was Tucker the Human's first taste of lizard catching and he was thrilled. He soon decided they'd share a name, Tucker the Human and Tucker the Lizard. Him and Tatum made a "house" in the backyard. Tucker the Human was SO proud that he could pick him up; to me it looked as if Tucker the Lizard's guts were being squeezed but thankfully, he kept right on breathing and moving. The blondies wanted to keep him forever and store him in the house, which doesn't work for me. Tatum took a liking to the reptile almost as quickly as Tucker the Human but, being the girly girl she is, wouldn't pick him up. One can only imagine how sad and ANGRY they both were when I announced Tucker the Lizard would NOT be spending the night and it was indeed time to release him back into the wild. They fought and fought to keep him not understanding he would die if they did. They snuck him into the house and hid him. I walked down the hall just as they were coming out of Tatum's room. "We hid the lizard in Tatum's room," Tucker the Human announced. Tatum tried shushing him, he didn't realize he'd given away precious info. In the end they relented and Tucker the Lizard was safely released into the wild. They were both mad at me for the rest of the evening. Tatum can sure hold a grudge! The next day Tucker the Human was once again in the backyard hunting for lizards.
In other Tucker news, he got a hold of a razor and shaved half of his right arm, one long strip of his right leg, and some of his belly. Nice. He was quite proud of himself!
Being the typical boy and all that comes with it, I noticed something. He and I were snuggling just before bed, like we do every night, when I notice his wall where his bed meets the wall. Boogers, several of them, stuck there. NASTY! I asked him how they got there and he begins to tell my some obviously false story. Perhaps he's embarrassed, I didn't press, but laughed inside. It made me remember my brother and his wall. Perhaps booger picking followed by smearing all along the wall is genetic. Who knows. I'm just thankful my brother's wall was MUCH worse!

It's a Bead Party!!!

It's a Bead Party and You're Invited!
(that includes all you blog stalkers!)
WHO: You and a friend...or 2....or 3...
WHERE: My house (call or e-mail for directions)
WHEN: September 24th, from 7-LATE!!
Come early and stay late, the fiesta will be ALL night!
All you need to bring is your wallet, the rest will be supplied. Just think...BEADS GALORE! Lots of BLING and GIRLY CHATTING!
Make something for yourself, your princess, or as a gift!
Bring a friend and get 10% off!
Check out this blog to get an idea of what you can make or to get the creative juices flowin'!
Hope you can make it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Done and Done!

Jersey's headstone is done, FINALLY! I'm pleased with the way it looks, I LOVE the pink writing and also enjoy there's a sweet picture to look at!

I was worried this might be hard to swallow, a headstone is so final but thankfully, it wasn't too bad. I had a little moment the first time I saw it but have been fine ever since...thankfully. Not that I'll have the same reaction seeing it next time, it could be a total melt down, who knows...so unpredictable!

Tatum liked looking at her and was happy to smile for a picture. Tucker was more interested in finding sticks and swipping flags out of vases.

I'm glad it's done, I like that her little spot now has a name and people can see our princess.

Monday, September 14, 2009

T-Ball Tucker

Tucker has begged since he was 2 to play base ball. FINALLY he's old enough to sign up for t-Ball and has talked of nothing but t-ball since!
Tuck and Chris went on a date and got him some nifty cleats and baseball pants. Tucker treated them like gold the few days he waited for ball to start. Tuesday finally came around, as soon as he got home from school he chanced into his uniform. He was ready at 11:45 and practice didn't start until 5:30. It was a looooooooooong afternoon!
He absolutely LOVED practice. He ran fast, hit the ball hard, and tried catching the ball. He loves his coach and is enthusiastic and a fabulous listener while on the field.

This is a video showing how fast he can run in his new cleats.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Labor Day Fiesta

Being Labor Day weekend we simply had to have some fun. Instead of a standard swim/bbq we decided to jazz things up a bit and rented this totally fun water slide and invited a few families over in celebration. The blondies were thrilled to say the least!

Pre-fiesta before the grass and mud took over. It must have been the longest morning for T&T, they asked every five minutes when the water slide would be arriving. When it did they squealed with delight!

Tuck sampling the slide.

Proof for later reference that we are not always lame parents. It was actually quite fun and much faster than I anticipated. I about broke me booty bone!

The chef. It was a big job grilling that many hot dogs.

The aftermath, total destruction and one very unhappy Chris. The water was like muddy soup. When it was emptied the water went up to the house covering the entire porch with mud and grass which was almost more than Chris could bear.

I say whatever, the kids had a marvelous time and it's just a backyard!

T&T were exhausted from their super fun party and long afternoon in the sun. They were dead asleep by 6:45, that right there makes it all worth it!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Curly Top

I still remember every Saturday night bathing and then sitting in front of the TV while my mom wrapped mine and my sister's hair in pink, spongy curlers. I remember feeling so pretty with my long, curly hair. I just knew everybody was starring at me wishing they looked just as cute.

This is a tradition I'd like to carry on. Tatum's had short hair for quite a while and now that she's growing it it's long enough to curl. She was willing to hold still and even hand me the curlers and thought she looked funny in the mirror. She was worried that they would be uncomfortable to sleep in but thankfully she happily managed. She couldn't wait to take them out. She was SO excited!

I finally took them out and here's the product, tight, ringlet curls. It was all fun and she was full of smiles until it was time to tame the forest of curls.
They proved nearly impossible to manage and a melt down was coming. I wasn't about to let her take a shower and destroy her curly top, I'm mean I know. There were many tears and over and over she said how ugly she looked. "I look like an orphan," she yelled. She didn't, she looked darling. I promised her curls would fall a bit and assured her she'd like them better when they did. I could totally empathize with a bad hair day! Chris managed to get her in the car and we were off to church with an angry girl. She walked in covering her hair and spent the majority of sacrament meeting covering her lovely locks with both arms. Thankfully she got over her bad hair day and went to class. By the end of the day she had gotten such a response from church she decided that she did indeed like her hair but says she's done with the curlers.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Coming Soon...

Jersey's headstone placed, cemented, and so very sweet!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gateway Airport Field Trip

Tucker and his preschool class went on a field tip to Gateway Airport. It was a major hit. The kids thought this air evac was SO neat. Little did they know they were going to touch, crawl, and learn about it.

Tuck LOVED this air evac paramedic. He thought he was amazing and talked and talked and talked. He told him all about how he is 4 and a half and about Tatum and about anything else that came to his mind. The man was so sweet, he listened so well and validated everything Tuck was saying.

The pilot let the rugrats crawl all over the airplane and ask anything they wanted. Tucker couldn't get enough.

Aren't these cupcakes darling! They were all so excited! After they got their fill of the helicopter we toured the airport and saw "awesome army airplanes", million dollar airport fire trucks, and "huge airplanes". It was fun, Tuck decided when he grows up he's going to be an airport fire fighter.