Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuck's Eye Mask

This is Tucker every night, sporting the eye mask.
I like how it matches these jammies.
He says without it he has night mares.
He's been known to stay up until 10 because he can't shut his eyes without it.
We think it's funny that he has at least 4 different eye masks.
I need to make him one to match his new quilt.
I find it ironic it says nice!


PamJorg said...

That is precious and hilarious!

kurtis said...

o ha ha ha ha ha i hope i can get to sleep, i'm laughing too hard! Maybe i will pull out my eye mask, that may help. I love that it says 'nice' so fitting for a 4 year old. YA right!?!? :) I love Tuck :)

kurtis said...

o ps this is mindi. not some creepy blog stalker named kurtis. he had the nerve to get a google account and now i have to actually pay attention and log out and back in under my name. Ugh. Bug. Night!

The Simmons Family said...

That's crazy adorable!!

jill said...

that is awesome. i can't believe he will actually keep it on all night! he is sooo high maintenance :)

hydee ann said...

"nice" for sure! love all the stories. miss you and your cute boy. when are ya moving?

Angie Whitman said...

OH...SOOOOO FUNNY! I LOVE HIM!! I'm going to miss him so much!!:(