Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Disneyland Take 3

Yes, we went again to Disneyland this time with my parents and sister Natalie in tow. We had a grand 'ol time!

Natalie and I shared a seat on the Matterhorn and laughed and laughed at how cozy the seat was.

The end of the first day was a hard one for Tuck. He was winding down from a melt down and this is how he rode the tram. He didn't want anybody looking at him.

There's somethin about a dude that Tuck gets along with. He wanted only to be with Pops, no one else!

The blondies enjoyed watching Nonnie and Natalie ride Screamin' California. Man that's a fast ride!

On the last day the blondies got to pick a prize from Nonnie and Pops. Tatum chose this hat and felt like quite the princess.

Tuck chose an underwater Spiderman.

I would not want to be on the recieving end of Tuck's stink eye!


hydee ann said...

what's not to love about disneyland?! it's the best.

i LOVE tuck's stink eye. such a cute boy. =)

نفرتاري said...

i'm from egypt>>>>your girle is ver beautifule.......i love