Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring T-ball

Tuck participated in spring t-ball and couldn't wait to get started. He played so much better this season and actually seemed to 'get it' a lot more than last season. There were no headstands or sitting breaks in the field. He wasn't as chatty with the other team while he was on base. He was all business and he took it very seriously!
Funny story. Tuck was on first base and we were sitting closer to home plate. Tuck yells rather loud while pointing to a man obviously on steroids, "Hey Dad, that guy's stronger than you!" Everybody heard and we all died laughing. He's super observant!
At the end of his season his coach had a party at Peter Piper Pizza, or Peter Pider Pizza as the blondies call it. He was SO thrilled to get his very own trophy with his name on it. He said it's the shortest trophy he's the only trophy he has. It was fun watching him learn, hit the ball, and slide into home plate even though he didn't need to!

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