Monday, February 9, 2009

A Conversation With Tuck

Tucker requested help from Chris while going to the bathroom. Here's their conversation:

Tuck: "What's that brown stuff?"
Chris: "Well, that's poop."
Tuck: "Nu-huh. Why does it look different?"
Chris: "That's diarrhea."
Tuck: "Diarrhea? That's awesome!"

There ya have it!


Chelsea said...

HA! Not so awesome Tuck.

Tara Bowman said...

Thanks for the laugh! I just love kids and the things they say.

The Millirons said...

And it only comes from the mouth of a BOY ! Douglas has yelled for us to come look at his poop before. He was proud !

Evie's Story said...

So glad for kids and the laughter they bring to our lives....its therapeutic, even on the hardest days!

lundgrenville said...

lol-what a great laugh to start my day. We need more of those moments in our lives...the ones that bring us a simplicity of joy. Thank you Tuck...You deffinately are all BOY!

lundgrenville said...

Ps. working on your bows...;)

Michelle Bair said...

Gotta love the things that kids say!

Nichols Family said...

HAHAHA Tucker! I love it! I love poop stories, they're so funny. Once Tyler wanted me to take a picture of his huge poop with my phone camera and send it to Aunt Karen.