Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Beachin' Good Time!

The summer wouldn't quite be complete if we didn't get to the beach to get our fill of sandy toes, frigid waters, and yes, a sunburn!
We got to Mission Beach in the afternoon. There was NO WAY the blondies could wait until the next day to beach it so we suited up and headed out. It's REALLY nice when you can walk out your door, across the boardwalk and there you are. Grandma and Anutie Brooke invited us and even though Tatum missed 4 days of school and Tucker 2 there was never a question of whether or not we'd go, the only question was WHEN!

It's funny how kids never notice the zero degree water. T&T ran into it as if it were bath temperature and played and laughed and thankfully wore themselves out.

They were not too tired to go down to Bellmont and ride the carousel.

The next morning began early by looking for sand dollars. They were so disappointed when we didn't find any. Oh well!

It was a beautiful beach day, sunny, warm and the crowd did not disappoint. One of the best things about the beach is crowd watching, people are fascinating!

Tatum and Tucker loved spending time with their Grandma and I'm pretty sure she enjoyed them as well.

We couldn't go to Mission Beach and not go to Konos for breakfast. It's this tiny restaurant that makes amazing food, usually the line is out the door and around the corner.

Who knows what Tuck has on his shnos but he's a cutie and absolutely insisted he bring and wear his "surfer dude" necklace the entire time!

Tuck's favorite thing to do at the beach this visit was getting buried. Sometimes Tater and I buried him and sometimes he did it himself. He loved playing in the sand and was content to even play by himself.

Funny story. We brought a bag of Cheez-its to snack on while we played, we love Cheez-its! All five of us were down by the water playing when we looked over to our beach spot to see a zillion birds all over our towels, chairs and sand and not only had they landed but they were quickly attracting more sea gulls! We stared in disbelief when we saw the Cheez-it bag go flying, we quickly snapped out of it and chased them away. So, Tatum thought she'd out smart the sea gulls by building a "bird trap". The idea is the bird goes to the hole to see what it's all about and then crawls in and we quickly fill the hole with sand trapping the bird. Sadly we never got to try out her trap, there were surprisingly no birds that came our way.

We also couldn't go to Cali without stopping by the Guiraradelli store. We loved walking in and being handed a sample. We made sure we entered more than once.

It was difficult deciding which delicious dessert we would order. We ended up with a peanut butter, hot fudge ice cream sunday!! SO scrumptious!

Auntie Brooke, Grandma, and Tater enjoying their treat.

I'm so glad I have these two, they are such good friends. They were best buddies all week. They built sand castles together, buried Tucker, laughed at how the waves "got their keesters", sea shell hunted together, chased away the pigeons and sea gulls together, and had a slumber party every night together in the "hidden bed".

Tuck enjoying the water!

I love these pictures because if you look closely Tucker is making a face in every one. I think they capture his personality and a bit of his nerdy-ness! This kid, he's hilarious.
Then there's Tatum, always darling and usually happy. She wasn't very happy when her swimming suit broke. She was forced to get another and was excited about her new suit.

This may sound weird but I absolutely LOVE Tucker's fuzzy shoulders, especially in the summer when his fuzz becomes white silk. I think it's SO cute.

I am a bad mom, I failed miserably. Because Tatum got a new swimming suit there were parts of her back showing that weren't previously. She got fried and cried about how bad her back hurt. It hurt her for 3 days. I'm such a bad mom. Nonnie came to the rescue with REAL alovera and rolled her eyes and shook her head at my irresponsibility. I deserved it.
We had SUCH a fun week! Thank you Grandma and Auntie Brooke for the fun memories and the new tan!


jill said...

I am jealous, I wanted to go so bad!

brooke said...

oh my goodness, look at those burns! i'm so glad we stayed the last day without sunblock... lets go back!!

Mindi D said...

Ouchie!! I hate sunburns!! They look like 2 kids having the time of their lives, that is priceless!! (well besides the burn of course ha ha just teasing, my kids got burned the first of the summer too so if you're a bad mom, so am i!)

Tyler and Kami said...

Ugh, besides the sun burn : ) these pictures make me SO jealous ! I can feel the cool breeze now. I love the beach, it is the perfect weather.

Shanen said...

What a wonderful vacation. The kids look like they had a great time. Tatums new bathing suit is adorable. Super cute. We can't wait to go, one week from today, Yahoo....

Janalyn said...

Hey, sunburns happen. No worries, you're a damn good Mom!

Summerfield said...

Looks like a BLAST!! I'm so glad you got away and had so much fun! Your kiddos will have the best memories!

Dennison Family said...

Sorry, that SUmmerfield post was me. I was signed in as something else! Sorry! :)

Brittanie said...

AaaahHH! I'm craving the beach so much! Kelyn and Tessa are there right now and I wish I could hop on a plane and join them! Sunburns are the worst! I bet it will be fun to peel in a week though! Love you!!