Saturday, August 8, 2009

BIG Happenings

Tucker started pre-school! He LOVES his teachers and his class! He and I went on a date and picked out this very handsome, oh-so-cool dude wear, he felt totally hip! He was so excited to wear his new clothes, shoes and backpack!
Tuck loves his backpack!
This is his cute little friend Boston. Tucker is lucky to go to school with 4 of his buddies, Austin, Brock, Luke, and Boston.

Tater lost her first tooth! She was SO brave and fearless, she did most of the dirty work. I helped pull it out at the very end and she was SO excited! That evening the tooth fairy came and left her a dollar, gave her a sparkly kiss on her cheek and left sparkles on her pillow! Ever since Tatum has excitedly displayed her smile with a hole. Her second is short to follow.

Saving the best for last...

Sweet Leah is here! This is my newest niece, my sister Callie's princess. Pretty sure I'm her favorite auntie.

When Tatum finished school the blondies and I raced to the hospital to meet and hold little Leah. Tatum was in love while Tuck was bored. She's a cutie and we're excited she's here!


Mindi D said...

Cute little bug!! (the baby) Handsome Tuck!!
Pretty sparkly Tater!!
Love it all :) ;) :0

Nicole said...

Tuck looks so cute and innocent it's almost scary ;) I love Tater's new grin! Hope to see you again soon!
P.S. I've been a home-cooking queen this week. I think that apron has magic powers or something :)

Dennison Family said...

Fun exciting stuff!! Wow!! How great! Congrats to all! I love the backpack and cool clothes. He will surely get girlies with those! :) And that is so fun about Tatums tooth! What a BIG girl! :)

Morris Mama said...

Fun stuff! Yay for Tatum! Love the sparkly kiss idea.

Netso said...

He is a doll!!! quite the lady killer there, as long as he doesn't tell them they are fat he will have girls all over him.
And soo exciting about the tooth. Hope the fairy came.:)
And the baby is precious, so tender and sweet.