Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hale Chris, King of a Woman's Sport!

It's back after many years, the much anticipated women's sport, church softball...for men. Chris of course wasn't going to pass up this opportunity to show off his skills, he proved a very valuable player. The Bishop seriously considered rescheduling a visit to our home just so Chris wouldn't miss a game. A tournament was held Saturday morning and between games there was a home run derby. Chris won, not by much but he was victorious. His prize? This fancy gold, jewel encrusted crown. Hale Chris, King of slow pitch, a women's sport. He was pretty proud of himself. He kept asking me if I was proud of him for winning. He wanted to know how it feels to be the wife of the winner. Hahaha!

The children enjoyed some little friends and Tuck enjoyed a little softball himself.
Tatum immediately took over the crown, that's the princess in her, and wore it for the rest of the day. They're enjoying some lunch while watching their daddy slug some balls. Well, until next years' show of athleticism, Chris is the home run King!


Shabwan said...

Noticing that Tucker's shirt says "Grand Slam"...was this a prediction by Tucker about his dad or was the competition fixed???

Vonda said...

I was cracking up watching "church ball" with our A and B team. I didnt believe all the hoopla about church ball til I saw it myself. Pretty serious stuff. They did have a great time though.

Heather said...

Nice Burger King crown Chris. I bow down to your mad skillz at slow pitch.