Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Here are the proud parents of two very round, perfect carving pumpkins. Usually I scour the Internet for the perfect carving design but this year I couldn't muster up the energy so they each got to design their own face. Tuck was told to roll up his sleeves and that didn't go over to well so after a quick wardrobe change we were ready to gut and cut!

Tatum at first was a little grossed out by the squishy guts between her fingers but by the end she wasn't afraid and she was quite the expert.

Tucker, on the other hand, absolutely refused to to get messy. It was I who scrapped and gutted so he could hack away at his jack-o-lantern.

Can you guess who designed which pumpkin? Tater's is the happy one on the left, she's usually bubbly and happy. Tucker's is on the right looking...mad which he usually is!

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