Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Evening

The blondies absolutely HAD to take a nap BEFORE they even thought about trick-or-treating. We had a ward trunk-or-treat two nights before and they were told in order to go they had to nap. Well, Tatum did and Tucker didn't so Tatum got to go with her friend Grace while Tucker stayed home and went to bed. It was really hard to follow through! When I told them they had to take a nap they knew I meant business! Here's what I found.

For Halloween this year Tatum was the cutest Little Red Riding Hood while Tucker was a very brave Spider Man. Originally we started off the Halloween season under the impression Tuck was going to be Dracula. We have a cape, I got him face paint and black hair spray but as it got closer he decided he simply HAD to be Spider Man.Precious! My Mother is such the life saver, she sewed this costume for Tatum and it turned out SO cute. When she finished she swore she'd NEVER again sew another Halloween costume. But secretly, she'd do ANYTHING for Tatum!

Tucker all decked out in his Spider Man costume. His head is so big the mask only fit over 1 eye, it lasted maybe 2 houses.

Auntie Aimee came trick-or-treating with us this year. We went ALL over our neighborhood. For the first time ever I was finished before the children were, maybe it's because I'm 8 months pregnant! I'm all about getting started early and going until we can't walk one more step! Of course when we got home they had to check out all their candy. They totally scored, next year we'll have to get Tuck a bigger bucket, his was full to the top!

Tucker sporting some silly teeth.


Kim said...

Secretly...your mom WOULD do anything for Taters....first grandchild and all that... Something you and the little bug will always share in common.

OK, that picture of Tuck with one eye showing through is kind of creepy!

Isn't it grand how following through pays off in the end? The kiddlets were adorable in their costumes.

Heather said...

Way to stick to your guns on the nap thing! Impressive mommy skills Heidi.

Shabwan said...

I sense bitterness in Kim's comment...hmmmm! Am I taking away time from her to spend on T n T? Secretly...she'd do anything for them too!!! Oh hehehehee. They are mighty did you take pics without waking them up?

The Kemptons said...

The costumes are great. And I love, love, love Tatums. The did get a lot of candy.

jill said...

Tatum looks so cute, as usual. And Tucker's costume is AWESOME! It made me laugh.