Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Tatum!

Happy, happy birthday Tatum dear. Here's our darling girl's first five years.
Day one.

Happy 1st Birthday! It may look like she's pointing but she's not, we taught her how old she was.Two Years Old.

Three Years Old.

Four Years Old.

Five Years Old.

She is such a sweet heart! She is SO thrilled about being a big sister to a new baby, she's constantly kissing, rubbing, and speaking to my stomach. Some of Tater's favorite things right now: color: green
thing to do with dad: jump on the tramp
thing with mom: being tickled
thing to do with Tucker: jump on the tramp
favorite toys: princess polly pocket
favorite movie: Tinkerbell
She has quite the personality! She's a little stubborn, a little sassy, very lovable, SO smart, usually helpful, LOVES to sing-she's ALWAYS singing something, interested in gymnastics, excellent on her scooter, anxious for her baby sister, enjoys school, and we are so thankful we have her. She's our princess, our angel, our Tater-bug!

She got to pick her birthday breakfast and she chose: pumpkin waffles with dessert syrup, bacon AND sausage, and water.
Some fun presents. She got the desk she's coloring on and the Tinkerbell coloring set-up, Tinkerbell sunglasses and night gown, and finished curtains.
She also got her very own "credit card" to buy the new Tinkerbell movie and a new Tinkerbell dollie. She loves Tinkerbell and has since she was 2.

She also got this magic oven that cooks with ice and her Daddy helped her carefully put water in the ice tray to freeze. So careful!

For her cake she chose a princess castle, can you guess which tower she frosted all by herself?

All her little friends that came to her party.

Two of her really good pals, Kendall and Sydney.


Kim said...

Happy "late" birthday Tater tot! I hope all your birthday wishes come true.

The Allen's said...

Happy birthday to her!! she is so precious. Even on day one when babies can look a little questionable...if you know what i mean. Hope you are doing good. I bet she was excited to see that new movie come out with her favorite gal Tinkerbell. love you.

WishTrish said...

Happy Birthday Tatum! Hope you had a giant Tinkerbell cake!

Shanen said...

Happy Birthday Tatum. Hope your day was GREAT!!!

How are you feeling Heidi?

Sonia said...

i love you tater bug and i love your mom more than she knows.

Shabwan said...

Oh my gosh...what will we do when her 6th birthday is in a far away place? She is soooo cute! I LOVE this Little Tinkerbell! She is so smart and sweet and helpful and joyful and fun and willing and and and....We love Tatum!

The Kemptons said...

Happy Birthday Tatum! I did remember, but off course I was moving and forgot to call. You are such a beautiful little girl and I am so glad you are having a new baby too. You will be a great big sister again. And I know you will help her mom so much.

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Tatum! She was and still is the cutest thing! I loved seeing pics from the past!