Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some Firsts for Tatum

Some firsts with Tatum. The first time I attempted to paint her room. My Mom and I found this darling scrap book paper and thought it'd be a cinch to duplicate. Ummm, it was terrible. I knew Chris would have a fit so the door was locked and he was forbidden to enter the room until I painted over it. Her room ended up being 2 different shades of yellow.

When people came to visit Tatum in the hospital the first time they got a candy bar with her info.
First family picture.

First hair do.
First bath, so serious!
First Halloween. She was so jaundice she looked like a pumpkin.
First time going to church. And, might I add, this was the first dress I wore when I was a youngin.
First attempt to bake.First camping trip.

First time her hair was in a pony tail and the first time she wore panies. She was only 18 mos, I was a little anxious on the potty training, needless to say it didn't work.First time having her hair in curlers and the result. Precious!

First beach trip, think she had fun?

First time she went poop in the potty. Yes we bribed her with fish that died 5 days later.

First bob.

First time I realized how stubborn she really is. There was an Easter Egg Hunt at the park in our neighborhood and she got mad about something and absolutely refused to pick up even a single egg. She completely missed the entire hunt. Of course she was mad after it was over that she didn't get any eggs. Her stubbornness is not bad quality, she will desperately need it when she's older!

First beach house experience. She wanted to live there and never leave, you and me both sister!

First time being in the snow.

First car.

First performance. She felt like a "shining star".

First day of Kindersteps.


Shanen said...

I love all these firsts. How fun to go back through all your pictures to find them.

Mandi said...

Oh how we love our little Tatum! We don't see enough of you guys these days. I need to babysit. So cute! Happy Birthday Miss Tatum!