Saturday, November 1, 2008

B-day Afternoon

Tatum and her little friend Jaidyn have birthdays' days apart and because they are such good friends we decided to take them out for a birthday afternoon. It started with matching outfits.

Here they are, from their bows to their belts these girls matched.

Lunch was at the delicious Sweet Cakes.

Being silly while they waited for their b-day lunch.

Enjoying a fancy meal of grilled cheese.

We let them pick out a treat which of course matched and then we sang Happy Birthday to them. It was fun to watch them be shy but excited.

Devouring their matching cookies.

After lunch we went to the mall so they could pick out a fancy necklace at Claire's. We had such a fun afternoon but this is how it ended, with attitude. I love Tatum and her little attitude, she just wouldn't be Tatum if she wasn't sassy. My favorite picture is her rampage face. She finally got over us leaving and asked if we could "go on another hot date" soon.


Shanen said...

What a fun day. You are a super mom and she is gonna remember those one on one dates.

The Allen's said...

haha..we call them hot dates too. And samuel always remembers the good times that they are and even prays that soon we can go bowling and to chuck e cheese again even though that was a long time ago. Looks like you guys had a date that will not soon be forgotten either. love you.

Jamie Y said...

Such cute little Divas! How fun to have b-days so close, I can already see a double sweet 16 party in the making. So when are you going to let me watch your kiddos while you go to the Doc's? Let me know!

The Kemptons said...

So cute. I love the clothes and those are some lucky girls to get to go to Sweet Cakes. Tatum love the angry face, priceless!