Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

This has been such a different Christmas Season for our family. The focus was removed from gifts, shopping, and parties and geared more towards family and priorities. How easy it is to get wrapped up in the material matters of Christmas. I hope every year we can look back to our trials of these last few months and put what's really important into perspective. That we can remain humble and help other families the way we have so many times been helped.

Santa didn't over look Tatum and Tucker this year, he managed to pull through and bring a few loved presents. Their fun gifts this year were "two wheel bikes with no training wheels". They were both thrilled to try them out but unfortunately it rained ALL day!

Tuck got this "motorcycle" helmet that he thinks is the best thing ever. Tater got this cd player she has constantly played. She loves music and she loves to dance to it even more. She got some cd's of her very own and she thinks she's big stuff!

They both got these funny swords, we really shouldn't encourage fighting!

After playing with all their new, fun things we were off to the hospital to visit our sweetie. Tatum and Tucker showed her what Santa brought her, they didn't seem to notice she was asleep the entire time! Tatum is holding sandals and Tuck is holding passies.

Jersey couldn't wait to try on her new sandals and she's bummed they won't fit for quite a while.
After playing Santa with Jersey the blondies found better things to occupy their time. They played on this bed until we left being way to noisy and much to active. They were having so much fun Chris and I got some good time in with the Little Miss.

Every family has to get a Christmas family picture, here's ours.

ALL the girls. The boys.

Tuck getting ready to attempt his first bike ride. It's serious business and he's ready.

Well Tucker is an amazing bike rider. He picked it up his very first try. He turns well, dismounts well, and he can even go on and off the side walk. His only trouble is getting started, he's a bit too short. It's funny watching the dismount, he swings a leg over the seat and gently lands on the grass. CUTE! Tatum, on the other hand, has had a difficult time learning. Mostly because of her bike, it's heavy and the style of it doesn't make it a great bike to learn on.

We had such a fun, busy day. It was so nice to be together, just the four of us on Christmas morning. It's rare these days when it's just us four and on a special day such as Christmas where no whining or impatients or selfishness is allowed it makes me SO grateful for what I have. After a full day of Santa, the hospital, both grandparents, cousins, and bikes the blondies were more than ready for bed. They simply HAD to sleep with a favorite present, Tatum with Bubblegum the baby horse and Tucker with his "motorcycle" helmet and his Ironman. Chris and I ended the long day with his new movie The Dark Knight. It was a great day...I can't wait for next year when all 5 of us can enjoy each other and laugh together!

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