Sunday, December 27, 2009


The blondies had such a killer time ice skating we thought they would have an equally enjoyable time roller skating, after all they are about the same thing after all. Do you like how Chris' let is extended showing his fancy skates? Nice pose!

Oh boy were we wrong! It began happily but soon turned to whining! They did not appreciate the wheels on their roller skates. What the difference between slippery ice and rolling wheels? We went with our cute friends Sadie and Macie.

Tuck decided, after one lap around the rink he had had enough! Off came the skates and he spent the rest of the time pretending to play video games.

Chris was such a trooper, he has bigger muscles, and more patience than me so he was the lucky one who did most of the helping.

The general consensus was no roller skating and yes ice skating. After an hour we decided to bail. Atleast they tried it!

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