Saturday, December 19, 2009

White Trash Snow

So, Basha's parking lot, about 100 bags of ice, one big snow cone maker, and you've got a huge, slushy, muddy pile of hard packed "snow". If you could even call it snow. Chris and I stood there laughing at how white trashy we felt.
But at the end of the 10 minutes that we would allow ourselves to be seen there the blondies enjoyed themselves. And that's about as close to snow as we get here in these parts!


Evie's Story said...

That's awesome! My kinda snow....the kind you can play in WITHOUT a coat!:-) Fun!!

Mindi D said...

O my heck that is freakin hilarious! You are sooo white trash! Come to Utah for some real snow.. actually don't.. it sucks! I love it, that is awesome!

Deana said...

Hurry and get to UTAH before someone sees you in the "White Trash Snow"!!