Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa's Visit

Every year we are lucky enough to have our very own, personal visit from the big man up North, that's right, Santa Claus! The blondies LOVE when he visits and find a million things to say to him. And you better believe Chris and I threaten to call him when they are being naughty. He's even on Chris's speed dial, we don't mess around!

Tuck scored and was first to sit on Santa's lap. He wanted: walkie talkies most of all. Notice how he is smiling extra big to show the hole in his smile.

After they sit on Santa's lap they get to pick two little gifts out of Santa's bag.

Tatum is always a little shy. She too wanted real walkie talkies. She had a difficult time choosing what prize she wanted out of his bag.

Our friends, the Ridgeways, were lucky enough to be over when Santa made his appearance. Here's the group: Tuck, Tatum, Kanyon, Emerson, and Ainsley...and Santa of course! It was fun to hear their excited talking and see the look of magic in their eyes. Thank you Santa, we love you!

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