Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tyler and Her Noggin

One of Tatum's best little friends, Tyler Woods, fell at PE and hit her head resulting in a skull fracture. The poor dear spent the night in the hospital and was not allowed back at school for 5 days. Tatum was quite upset about this. All she talked about was Tyler, how bad she felt. She said she even cried she was so sad. Sweet thing! Tatum was aching to see her so I took Ella, Tatum, and Annalise to Walmart to get Tyler some jammies to lay around in and a movie to watch. Then we paid Tyler a visit!

It was so sweet watching the girls treat Tyler carefully and so special. The girls also brought Tyler her homework and the get well cards the class made her. They sat in a princess castle giggling and chatting while they went through the stack. I loved watching these girlies interact, they were excited, thoughtful, and loving. Tatum talked about Tyler for weeks and is grateful she is feeling and looking much better!

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