Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday Boy #4

Tucker Sam turned 4!! Here's looking back.
Brand new.
Easter, 2006. 1 yr. old

July 2007 2 yrs. old.

July 2008 3 yrs. old.

January 2009, the big 4

Tucker is such a funny dude, sometimes the only way to describe him is...Tucker. He loves:
* bike riding
* baseball
* the Sun Devils
* green
* pizza (Barro's)
* army dudes
* Daddy
* Star Wars
* Joy School
He's a stinky, active, cuddly little guy. He's an animal on his bike and can throw a punch like a pro. He enjoys doing service and burping. He loves his Daddy and wants to grow up and play baseball, not go on a mission (his words, not mine). We're working on sharing, fit throwing, and bed making. He's smart, happy, and how we love him!


Brittanie said...

Happy birthday cute Tucker boy!!

Nichols Family said...

Happy Birthday Tucker!!

He looks like a completely different kid from his newborn pic. Adorable in all though! I have some Batman movies for him if he just can't get enough! :)

Mandi said...

Happy Birthday big boy Tucker! I couldn't remember if Tucker was older or younger than Matthew and that answers my question. Your kids definitely belong to you and Chris. They look like your little minis. We can't wait to come and play tomorrow!

lundgrenville said...

Well Tucker...Little Man! Happy Birthday!
I have a little man who likes to play baseball...ride his bike...start wars....and burping is his thing...even though it is forbidden at our dinner table...The only difference is that little Bryson has Red hair..
Hope you have a great birthday little guy! :)

brooke said...

seriously he is pretty funny, i still love that he told me not to get smart with him when i called to wish him a happy birthday... he cracks me up!

Shanen said...

Happy Birthday Tucker- Glad you had a happy happy day.

Maren said...

happy birthday to Tucker! where have the last 4 years gone? i was just at banner baywood checking him out after he was born. he might be fiesty but he is sure cute!

jill said...

He gets more and more handsome each year! Way to go Tucky! And I'm still laughing about the "not going on a mission" comment. Not that its funny, but kind of :)

Renae said...

Happy Birthday Tucker, Come over to our house and ride your bike in the park. We Love You GG and Old Papa

Chelsea said...

what would we do without our constant entertainment! we love Tucker!

The McKnights said...

Happy Birthday Tucker Sam!!!