Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Visit

At Tatum's request we visited Jersey today for the first time. The cemetery was quiet, peaceful, empty. I hated to see Jersey's grave as one of the two fresh graves. Tucker wanted to un-bury her to see her "fluffy pink box". She has yet to receive her headstone, all in good time.
Tatum wanted to share her cheese crisp with her sister. Tatum would take a bite and then offer Jersey one. It was sweet. Sad. Unfair.

We brought pink tulips with us. Tucker giving her his flowers.

Tatum sharing hers. Three for Jersey, one for Tatum.

Pink, her favorite.

Tatum was feeling sad and cheated, perhaps we both were.
We didn't plan it but her shirt is quite appropriate for the occasion.


TJ said...


I'm crying for Tatum.

brooke said...

that is sad, and very sweet also. i'm excited for her to eventually have a headstone to go and visit.

Nicole said...

Oh Heidi...
I think your thoughts on your first visit were totally appropriate. It is unfair. How I wish things could be different for your sweet little family. I'm looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday. I have a hug all lined up for you.

Evie's Story said...

Your precious kids - all three of them!
Praying you through these impossible days. Tatum & Tucker possess a wisdom beyond their years. May the reality of Heaven and their baby sister waiting draw them closer to the Lord! Praying an extra measure of grace for you as you answer their questions and explain to them even as you grieve yourself!

The Simmons Family said...

It isn't fair at all and I don't know how you begin to explain it to such little ones. I don't even understand it all either. My heart aches for Tatum when I see the saddness in her eyes.

Kamryn always asks "is Owen going to die"... how do you answer that?? Siblings shouldn't have to worry about such things.. it breaks my heart. We are fortunate to know the gosepel and to teach them that there is an eternity and that we will all be together!

Wonderful post.

MommyRohner said...

It is sad... and there's a good chance that Tatum will always feel a little cheated, especially if she doesn't get another sister. But, she has a mama who will be a great friend/girlfriend/confidant and someday she'll see the bigger picture a little better.
I hurt for your loss and for Tatum's.

Chelsea said...

oh I just feel so badly for you all. I hate to see you hurting. Tucker showed me Jersey's picture today and talked about her a little. I couldn't help but cry. Bless your hearts. thinking of you daily. xoxoxo.

lundgrenville said...

Yes...very unfair even for the outside world..!
How appropriate for the Angel shirt...maybe its the Lords tender of his ways of calming your painful hearts..
Hugs for everyone!

The Ridgway Family said...

Oh Heidi,

I am so sorry! I know it is so very hard for the ones left behind, especially when they are so young. Ainsley has been talking a ton lately about Eden and how so does not want any other babies in the house, just Eden. It just breaks my heart and it really is completely UNFAIR!!!!! Take your time on the headstone, we are still deciding. It is a big decision, but I just want people to know who she is and not walk over her unnoticed. What a crappy feeling, right?!?