Wednesday, September 22, 2010

4th of July

We had a lovely and much cooler 4th of July this year. Who knew Provo was SO into this holiday. It ended up being a 4 day celebration. We BBQ'd with the Andersons in Sundance, went to the Provo parade, and lit fireworks- because that's legal here. Of course the blondies were dressed head to toe in red white and blue. I made Tatum's skirt, isn't it cute. And yes, it twirls rather well!

Tuck was deliciously handsome and being the stinker that he is would only allow 2 pictures to be taken. I wanted to smooch him ALL day!

I love, love this picture!! It's rare to get a picture they both look great in. Aren't they precious!!!


Brittney said...

Heidi that skirt is so dang cute!!! How did u make it I want one for my little girl!!! Mind u I'm not at all crafty and I don't know how to sew...I don't even own a sewing machine so hopefully it wasn't too hard to make!! If so maybe I can just pay u to make one for me:) oh and ps ur kids are so dang cute as well!!! I hope we will be seeing u guys at tessa's wedding!?

hydee ann said...

how long have you been sewing? i'm just getting started. seems like everyone else is too these days. i love it! that skirt is so nice and twirly.
what a great photo of your kiddos together. miss you darling stinker, tuck.i have to admit he was my favorite kid in joy school. well, boy, anyway. our girls were pretty dang cute, too. but i hope lilee is the one who gets the honor of being mrs. anderson, not macie!