Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Plans

Plan B
* Raise healthy, well balanced children
* Run a marathon...some day
* Send my boys off on missions
* Watch my children be married in the temple
* Go on a mission with my hubby
* Own my home free and clear
* Go back to school and get a degree
* Excel at sewing
* Travel the world
* Have a years supply of food
* Raise children who value education and graduate college
* Live to experience the joy of being a grandparent
* Watch my savings account grow
* Grow old and wrinkly with my hubby
* Die of ripe, old age

Plan A

* Do whatever the Lord has planned for me.


Mindi D said...

Love it :)

larsen family said...

My baby Max was due right around Kamber's 2 yr anniversary of her death. I like you did not want them to share this date. I have Dr. Huish and he said that the hospitals here are getting really stricked about delivering before 39 weeks, which we needed to be done.
Dr. Huish had me do the amnio test, to test the lungs at 37 weeks. The hospital would only okay it if they had proof that my very big baby boys lungs were developed enough to come early.
I did a lot of praying and did the test and got the okay. He was born two days early of Kamber's anniversary. I would have liked earlier but it actually made the anniversary more calm and in a way more tender sweet. We could focus more on the new arrival of baby Max who had just left Kamber and Heavenly Fathers presence.
I would see if your Dr. would be willing to go that route to help you out.
Good luck, I will pray for you that things will change. I know the feeling being there just 2months ago.
Love Ya!

hydee ann said...


life is what happens while we're making plans. good thing He knows better.