Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Buddy

I confess, I've been cursing the Provo school district ever since I found out they don't offer all day kindergarten. Tuck is a hard little dude; I sometimes consider him 2 kids wrapped in one.

He too was disappointed that he couldn't go all day, like his sister. I'll admit, so was I.

But now that he's gone every morning from 8:30-11:20 I've found that I have nothing to do with myself. No errands to run. No shopping to do. No friends to play with. Nothing to sew. There's only so much to clean. I'd been reading one book after another but I felt the need to be productive. And to think of an entire day to fill...I try not to.

And then I realized half day kindergarten isn't a curse but a blessing!! I SO look forward to 11:10 when I leave to go get my buddy! That's what Tuck and I are, buddies.

We do homework, eat lunch together, bake together, play games, go on bike rides, go on cheap dates to Costco for a hot dog, snuggle on the couch, read, laugh, work on his climbing tree, eat junk food, go to the library. I'm so glad I have him. Really, I'd be lost without him.

So Provo school district, my most sincere apologies. Turns out I'm the one with the malfunction.


Crystal said...

Love it. I'm so glad you have time to appreciate/bond with him before little brother comes.

Chelsea said...

Precious times right now! I will be so sad next year when Kosty goes all day.

Jamie said...

This post made me miss my "Jayden" time last year (and also makes me wish that I did more than let him play the wii all day :) Love the beautiful outdoor pictures, lucky.

Renae Steere said...

Hopefully I'll be thinking the same thing if Jex gets to only go to half day when we move to Kansas! I'm worried about it because he's my one kid that I wish could go all day! :)

LOVE Tatum's 4th of July skirt! I need to make one next year for Kalissa! I'll have to get the directions from you sometime! Miss you!!

likeschocolate said...

Haven't checked in on you guys for a while. It looks like there has been a ton of changes for your family. A move to Utah and a new addition. I will pray that they will induce the baby early or that the baby will come any other day then the anniversary of Jersey. Hugs from one heart family to another.

KaraLyn said...

Hello! I'm the crazy lady who introduced herself to you at Walmart for Black Friday shopping. Just thought I would let you know who I was and no, I'm not a blog-stalker. Just someone who loves inspiring stories and people and you sure have inspired me!