Tuesday, September 14, 2010


But not really! Being that I'm the Grandma-Nonnie...I have taken a personal liberty and without permission have tiptoed in the back door to post pics of Tatum and Tucker...in what might have been their first day of school attire and appearance. On a lovely morning in August, feeling like Mrs. Claus herself...I opened up my luggage, and the blondies got to try on some new school stuff and sport their new backpacks. (Tatum's came with a most lovely Tinkerbell glitter sash that velcroed across the front. Heidi, upon seeing it, told me to hide it and get rid of it-she was worried that Tatum would instantly love it and need it to adorn her school fashions every day! Oh I hid it....showed it to Tatum later and told her it was special and to save it for the first day of school. She pulled it out the night of Meet your Teacher....hehehehe) Tuck was immediately thrilled with his own pair of scissors!
I do NOT have pics of the lovely glitter sash...a fierce regret! But...I do have the above pics of my beautiful blondies.

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