Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gone Fishin'

Look at that scenery! Tuck was lucky enough to go fishin' with his Grandpa over the summer. Oh was he in Heaven. He had an amazing time and quickly became obsessed with fishing. I think these pictures say more than words. It meant a lot to Tuck to spend precious one on one time with his Grandpa. I'm glad I spied on their date to get these priceless photos.

Although Tucker didn't personally catch a fish he felt quite triumphant when Grandpa did.

They brought the fish home and cooked it. Tuck was thrilled to eat his very own fish that HE caught, well... that Gramps caught.


jill said...


Dennison Family said...

completely priceless memories and photos! I love them!

Eve said...

What an awesome Grandpa!! And, a cute little guy. Glad he had fun.