Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Y Mountain

Back in July our friends the Skidmores were in town and we thought it'd be fun to hike Y Mountain together. It was a lovely morning...wish I could say the same about the hike. Thought I was going to die. While it's a relatively short hike it's straight up and seems never ending.

Tucker was prepared with his cleats, he insisted on wearing them. Even with them his sissy side took over and he whined and cried so Chris carried him on his back for more than half of the hike. Chris said is was a great workout!!

Tatum was an animal. She ran the majority of the way and was mighty proud of herself. Quite impressive! I was pretty sure I was going to die right there on the mountain and then she runs it. She woke up the next day and said she slept on her bunz wrong because they really hurt. We had a good laugh about that. I explained that they were sore from running straight up. :)

Because Tucker worked so hard he was starving.

Us and the Skidmores.

The view from the top was lovely, pretty sure I'll never see it again.


Mindi D said...

Hey is that the Libbi tshirt you're wearing!?!? I love it! So appropriate for the hike to the Y!!

Jen West said...

Good morning, I stopped by through my cousin Lizzy D's blog. You have such a beautiful family. The hike to the Y looks fun. Our first is a freshman there, now, but we never have ventured up the mountain. Congrats on your pregnancy. You know how miraculous babies are. Just enjoy that sweet one growing 1 day at a time :) Have a great day :)

hydee ann said...

adam and my older son, colton, tried to run it when they were there in may. colton had to stop running and cried about not making it all the way running. cute boy! they got some fun photos up there, but i can't find the cord to adam's phone to download them. loved yours.