Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Been a While

It's been a while, forgive me. My camera is non-functioning and I believe in posts with pictures so because I don't have any to share I haven't blogged. Oh well. The update:

School FINALLY started. Tatum started on August 24th in the first grade and is loving it. She's a smartie and we hope this year will be a challenging one for her. She did great on her first day, darling as usual. She loves her teacher, Mrs. Stewart, and is making new friends in her class...although she's missing her old friends and wishes she was at home with them. Tucker started September 7th in Kindergarten and was a rock star! Oh was he handsome and SO excited! He didn't want me to take him to his class but because I am a mean mom I did anyways. I couldn't not get pictures of him at his desk on his first day, they're a must! When I picked him up he said his first day was 'great' and his teacher 'is really nice'. His enthusiasm has continued and he's happy to get up in the morning and get ready for school...thankfully. I've anticipated attitude in the morning but have yet to get anything but cooperation and excitement. I love it!

We went to the perinatologist Sept. 3 and she said Baby Andy looks 'amazing' and that we 'have a great one', as in a healthy baby! Amazing!! She said he's gonna be BIG, definitely a football player. She said we don't need to see her again and we aren't sad about that! So it seems we have big boy babies and 'normal' girl babies. Tuck was 9 lbs while Tatum was 7lbs 5 oz. Jersey Girl doesn't really count, she was 5 lbs 9oz but 4 weeks early. Anyways, we're absolutely thrilled we've gotten nothing but happy, healthy news and feel like we have so many things to be grateful for. We go to cardiology October 12th and that will be our last specialist we'll see. Feeling confident this will be a very different experience.

But still...missing my girlie.

We're enjoying the gorgeous weather and can hardly believe Utah calls this their summer. The leaves have started changing. I've never seen Fall leaves and am looking forward to the next couple of weeks and they completely change. The temperature is dropping and every day is a lovely one!

We've LOVED the visits from our family. Nonnie, Auntie Natalie, Auntie Brooke, and Grandpa have all been here the last month, it makes us miss home but we LOVE visitors. So please, come and visit!

Chris started his second semester Sept. 7th and claims it's gonna be a hard one. He'll do great, like he did last semester, and hopefully with the holidays it will soon be over.

All is well.


Kelly Norton said...

I'm glad to hear things are going well in Utah. We miss you here in AZ, though. It isn't the same without Tucker in class with the boys. You'll have to take a drive up the canyon to see the fall leaves. Most importantly, hooray for a healthy baby boy!!

Mandi said...

OH happy day Heidi! That made my day. I have been anxious to talk to you about your visit to the doctor that I knew you were dreading. I am so happy that baby "Andy" is going to be a healthy little football player. I am also happy to hear that you are enjoying things in Utah. I am wishing so much I could be there in the fall. It is so beautiful! I am way jealous that Britt gets to come and hang out with you. I will definitely come and visit next time we go to visit Steve's family. By the way...nice background music. I feel like I am watching The Wedding Singer. Fancy. I am also so glad that Tatum and Tucker sound like they are transitioning well. Hurray! Have a fabulous day!

Mandi said...

Okay, so I am a total dork. I forgot that I was listening to Pandora and a totally nerdy song was on while I was writing my comment to you. I was thinking that you had added music to your blog and I was thinking that you had interesting taste in music. Sorry! I am a nerd!

Heather said...

Wonderful news! Congrats on a healthy baby boy. Glad that school is going well for all involved and I wish you the very best.

Jenna said...

Yeah! I knew he would be fine!! I miss you!!! Post some pics of you pregnant!! Glad you are liking Utah! IT's a nice change to move out of state isn't it!!!

Renae Steere said...

So happy to hear that all is healthy and well with the baby. I am a little jealous hearing about autumn starting in other places in the world! I have to say that Fall in Utah is one of the best things about Utah. It's my favorite season and truly the only thing I feel is missing from AZ. By the way, the pics of the kids that grandma put on the blog are adorable. Tatum is way too beautiful!! And I must say I'm a little worried about Tucker with a pair of scissors in his hands! Hee hee! :)

Molly Wright said...

I am so excited for you to be having a healthy boy! I think about you guys all of the time, especially when I look at my little boy and think of all of the help he got to be where he is today. Miss you!

Tanner, Avery, Benson, and Bela said...

I'm so glad to hear all this.. Sounds like you guys are happy and well. Isn't it nice to get a good report from doctors?! I'm so glad baby boy is healthy and strong! So excited and happy for you..