Thursday, November 13, 2008

5 Weeks and Counting!

FIVE WEEKS AND COUNTING! That's only 35 days assuming I don't go into labor before then. Originally I was going to be induced December 10, 2 weeks before my due date but things are a little different now. With Tatum and Tucker I took castor oil which put me into labor BOTH times but I don't want to chance anything with this baby. So, my friend Mandy has an herbal regimen she follows 5 weeks before she's due that I thought I'd try. I can't not do anything, I need to feel like I'm kind of in control so starting today this is what I take.
Evening primrose oil is an excellent source of prostaglandins, which readies your cervix for labor.
The 5W blend supplies nutrients supportive to the female glandular and reproductive systems and should be taken during the last five weeks of pregnancy. The formula contains iron for the blood and for vitality, manganese to support body tissues, and selenium to assist in healthy tissue growth.
Red raspberry leaf tea is a uterine tonic used by Native Americans for thousands of years. It tones your uterus by helping to "focus" your Braxton Hicks contractions. Think of its job as helping your uterus do more effective exercising while you are pregnant. It helps to tone the uterus after delivery as well, shrinking it back to size more quickly and reducing bleeding.
The first week you start with 1 capsules of 5W, 3x's a day. Week two it's 2 capsules, 3x's a day. Week 3-5 3 capsules 3x's a day. Every time I take a 5W I also take an evening primrose oil capsule and twice a day I drink the tea. It's a lot to take but I want this baby to come!!
Here's me in all my glory, 34 weeks. Jersey Girl weighs 5 pounds, 7 oz. She's growing great, she's in the 56th percentile and everything is looking SO good. She's being monitored twice a week so if there's anything new we'll catch it! I'll be induced December 18th but cross your fingers she'll come sooner. We're watching, waiting, and praying things continue to go well and we can't wait to hold our girlie.


Heather said...

You look great Heidi and I love how you have to do "something" to get this baby girl here. Good luck with the regimen, let me know if you think it helped.

Mandi said...

You look so cute! I am sure you are used to feeling big and having people tell you that you look tiny. Well I hate to say it, but you really don't look all that huge for being 35 weeks. (Maybe you don't hate hearing that). I feel huge right now, so I want to laugh when people tell me I don't look big. I am so excited for you and way to go on taking all of those good vitamins. I am lucky to get my prenatal once a day. I baby down (Brittanie's) and 2 to go! Good luck my friend!

Britney said...

HOT MAMA. Lets go out on another hot date! I need lots of Heidi time before you go. Then, Jaidyn and Aston will need lots of Tatum and Tucker time after. K? Love ya. And did I mention you look HOT?!?

Kim said...

Look how cute you are. You're cute even when not preggars though. I hope your regimen works well.

MommyRohner said...

Yeah for the herbs! I hope they help you have an easy and fast labor.

Shanen said...

You look great and Ican't believe there is only 5 weeks left. Everything is going your way, and lets just keep praying it stays that way.