Friday, November 7, 2008

Flu Shots

Today at the police station they were doing free flu shots and we, rather I, decided to take full advantage. I warned the kids a day before the dreaded event so we could discuss it and so they could get their whining out. Tucker and I picked up Tatum from school Friday and were off. It was a fun car ride, they knew exactly where we were going and had A LOT to say about it. Tatum said, "shots are BORING!" while Tuck said he would puuunch the police officers. I went first and then Tuck. I had to bribe him with gum to get him to take off his jacket. He did pretty good. Of course he was crying before it even happened but quickly calmed down after. Poor Tatum was cowering in the corner sobbing while Tuck was getting his shot. It took both the fireman and I to hold down Tatum. I'm sure everybody in the station heard her scream! I promised them lunch after their traumatic ordeal, they wanted pizza so off to Barro's to meet Dad, Noni and Papa. As we walked to the car I asked Tuck to hold my hand and he said, "I can't, my arm is too sore." I knew his arm hurt because mine did!

Tatum post shot.

Enjoying their well earned pizza.


The Allen's said...

I just had a big craving for pizza. I hate shots too. you are a good mom to give them a prize after such an ordeal. and congrats on only five more weeks. that is awesome!

Kim said...

I can just hear Tucker saying puuunch..ha ha! Taters reaction reminds of Coco when I took her to get shots before starting kindergarten. Kudo to you all for braving shots.