Saturday, November 29, 2008

Equipment Upgrade

How are things going?'s what her room looked like when we came: 2 monitors-1 to measure her heart rate, CO2 levels, blood pressure and the other is for her ventilator. She had one drip which is her nutrients and one pump to give her something, I'm not sure.

Today has been quite the day. Now she has 4 screens, 7 pumps, 2 drips, and she has been completely paralyzed. She's demanded several doctors, nurses, respiratory therapist ALL day and usually all at the same time. We knew this wouldn't be easy but there's NOTHING that could've prepared us for this roller coaster.

Crystal, this one's for you! We named her Sophie.


Kristine said...

I've followed your blog for a few months now. It is beautifully written and I'm praying for little Jersey and your family.

The equipment is definitely scary, hopefully it will disappear quickly one piece at a time until she is free of meds and hospitals!

We went through a very traumatic event with our daughter this year. She was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis at 18 days old and we came very close to losing her a number of times and she may have some life long challenges to endure.

It was a HUGE wake up call for us and has forever changed our lives.

I have just started a blog and began writing Katie's story down. It's very painful, but also healing.

I have linked to your blog on mine. I hope this is okay with you. Please feel free to do the same.


Shabwan said...

Hey Sis...All those monitors are evidence that our little angel is a real princess! If she has half the fight of Tucker and all the sweet of Tatum...she'll be just fine. We love her and miss the snuggling too. Many prayers are being said in her behalf and for you and Chris too. We all love you and know there is much to learn from it all...we're here to help and carry you when you're to tired to carry yourselves! Love ya baby, Mom

Crystal said...

Sophie is perfect. I love that Jersey's already a snuggler. And it's good to see she's starting life out right with plenty of pink.