Friday, November 28, 2008

Love At First Sight

The troops got to come down Thanksgiving morning and see their long awaited sister. Tatum was thrilled! She practiced all night how to hold a baby and how to be soft and gentle. She immediately fell in love, she talked and sang songs to her, rubbed her head and kissed her little legs. I felt really bad she couldn't hold her but she seemed content enough with what she was able to do.

Tucker was also excited to see her, just not as excited. He looked at her for a minute or two and was done after that. He was more interested in his chips and the play area. This is the best picture I could get.

T&T worked really hard on this art work and couldn't wait to show her. They each chose where to hang their picture. Tatum's are on the right and Tuck's are on the left.
Tucker enjoying some much needed Dad time.

After the visit we were off to try
and enjoy some yummy food.
Tuck and his dad being silly. Tuck
really needs his Dad!


Brittanie said...

She is SO cute and precious!! I'm so sorry that you haven't been able to hold her very much. That would be so tough. Those kids of yours are so adorable! I hope you are feeling well and hanging in there. Are you up to phone calls yet? I've been wanting to call but didn't know if you were feeling like I was - I didn't talk to anyone for like a week after I had Brenan! =) Love you!

Ashleigh & Zebb said...

Tatum and Tuck are so cute even though Tuck wanted to punch the baby before she was born...he's such a boy! :) Im so glad you got to hold her though and things are going well! I wish i would have been the one to think of the cute balloon idea thats cute to have a welcome like that! Let me know when you need some baby sitting or anything done!