Monday, November 17, 2008

Missing Blankets

We searched every room, top to bottom. Looked under every bed. Checked the cars and in the backyard. Turned over every couch cushion. Looked in every cupboard. And then we did it all again. How could both of their blankets be missing at the same time? Where were their blankets? THE FREEZER!


Maren said...

alright, who was playing a nasty joke? how did they get in the freezer?

Jamie Y said...

Ha, ha! I'm sure you probably asked them a hundred times where they were and for some reason they couldn't remember putting them in the FREEZER. Oh, and for your last post I feel your pain. Kylie tried redeeming herself after telling me that my arms and thighs were "puffy" by saying that she liked the way they jiggled--and I'm not even pregnant anymore!