Saturday, November 1, 2008

Swim, Bike, Run

On Sunday Chris was invited by his friend Matt to participate in a sprint triathlon Saturday, as in 6 days. Ummm, Chris hasn't been to the gym in 3 months so why he committed is a mystery. Saturday morning dawned and him and Matt were off early to Coolidge for the big race. Renae and I decided we'd be good, supportive wives and load up the 61/2 children and make the trek to watch our husbands.

Chris and Matt just finishing swimming are quickly throwing on shirts and shoes and are off to bike 10.2 miles. The blondies and I ran over to watch Chris's exit and Tucker was SO sad his dad couldn't give him a love before he biked.

We found a shady spot to wait for the dads to complete their bike rides.

The best thing to do while you wait is eat, so the rugrats enjoyed donuts and juice while keeping their eyes peeled for their tired dads.

And he's off to run 3.6 miles.

Matt finishing strong.

And Chris, 2 minutes behind him looking...well...tired.

The boys enjoyed themselves, I guess. Matt wanted to know why he does these races and Chris was glad he didn't barf a second time. Chris finished in 1 hr. 19 mins which is pretty darn good for not having trained even one minute!


WishTrish said...

I don't know how they do it! And what good wives you are going along to support them!!

Thanks for the sweet comments on the blog. No, I am an ice-cream-free girl. :)

I've gotta type with my eyes shut and then just go back and check it when I am done, because the pain is up radiating into the swollen regions around my eyes today. Ick.

Jennie said...

GOOD JOB NEIGHBORS!!!!!! Too bad Trent didn't keep up on training with Matt...the ONE day he did. Ha ha. Well I'm excited for those 2 boys. Good for you all to go support them, sound super fun. Please don't move...can't he just do PT school on-line from AZ? ;)

Vonda said...

Im not gonna let Bill see this. He wants to run a race so bad, I think because he wants to run with a buddy and be cool like these guys.

Heather said...

If I hadn't been to a gym in 3 months (even if I had) I could not have accomplished such a feat in an hour and 19. Way to go!

The Kemptons said...

Good job Chris that is awesome. I probably would have barfed, so thumbs up. And Heidi that is a nice wife to take that many kids to wait for your husband to finish. Don't tell Kash, because I don't know if I would have.

Shanen said...

I'm so impressed. I saw this post on Renae's blog and hadn't heard that Chris didn't even train. What a great accomplishment.

Tara said...

okay this makes me incredibly jealous that guys can just decide one day to run a mini-marathon. Nonetheless, way to go. WAY. TO. GO.
I probably would have rather sat there with the kids and fed myself a dozen doughnuts. And, it would have happened to.

Chelsea said...

oh wow, no training? typical male! ha ha tell fancy next time to challenge Jer to come along. Its been about 3 months since he visited the gym also.