Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jersey, Day 2

We FINALLY got to hold her!! It's quite the process to hold her, there's SO many chords and wires but it's worth it! We've only been able to hold her twice and it seems that will be it for a while. Sniff, sniff.

Here she is snuggling with her platipus, we named it Wilma. I love to snuggle so hopefully she'll be a snuggler.

This is the one and only time she's opened her eyes. We spent half of the whole 4 minutes taking pictures rather than enjoying the moment. Her best picture yet!!

Some of her very special visitors. Bishop Guttery.

Grandma (Chris's Mom) Grandpa (Heidi's Dad)

We got lucky and a spot on the pediatric cardiology floor opened up so we were transferred. Here's Jersey's new home for the duration of her stay. This is where, when she has surgery, she will recover, basically this our home away from home. Look at all her fancy equipment.

After a very long, very exhausting, very emotional day we came home to this, pink balloons tied to forks stuck in our grass!! SO, SO cute!! Thank you very much whomever you are, it really helped to lift our sagging spirits, you have no idea.


Shanen said...

I hope your day was great today and I am so glad you could be there and hold her. What did the kids think? She is beautiful and you are so lucky to be in that room. What a blessing. Get some rest. Let me know what I can do to help you this coming week.

The Kemptons said...

I am so happy that you are able to hold her in your arms and love her up. She is so cute and I love the dark hair. She is one lucky girl.

Heather said...

She is beautiful! I hope you are feeling well and the Miss Jersey is getting big and strong so she can fight through this.

Kristin said...

Oh she is so pretty! Look at those eyes...I love seeing the kids with her. You know that I am at your service when I get home. I am happy to keep the kids so you can go see Jersey or go grocery shopping for you or whatever you need. I am so glad you had a happy welcome home present! Congrats again!

~Cari said...

Holding is so important! I am SO glad you and Chris were able to hold her. Touch is important to, so touch her or hold her hand or foot whenever you can. Just some suggestions :) The kids seem so excited~ I love that!
I am so glad Jersey girl is doing so well. Keep us updated on her status. She's in our prayers. Please let me know how I can help.

Kim said...

What a special day for TnT. Taters must have really listened to you about Jersey because she told me all about her While we were eating.She truly feels for her baby sister.

I love the name of Wilma for that platypus! Haha. I love how Jersey has her little leggy wrapped around her, what a doll baby.

I love the balloons in your yard, they brought a lump to my throat when I saw them. YOu have a very caring friend out there.